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Oven & Grill

Grill Solve

This product utilizes the latest ingredients that are less hazardous to environment without sacrificing performance. This unique formulation is made from food grade ingredients and is much safer than using high caustic cleaning chemicals. The product is heat activated and designed to be used on hot griddle surfaces. Saves time by allowing cleaning to occur while griddle is still hot. Emulsifies soils for easy removal. Approved by the EPA's Design for the Environment Program (DfE).

Kling Oven & Grill

This highly alkaline liquid goes to work quickly to remove stubborn soils that form on griddles, ovens, hoods, and fryers. Contains water conditioners and surfactants that allow for fast clinging penetration. Helps rid surfaces of unpleasant odors that can affect the taste of foods. This thick, clinging formula allows for longer contact time when sprayed on vertical surfaces.

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