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Mission Statement

We will provide cleaning, sanitizing and janitorial solutions to our customers on a mutually rewarding basis. As a team, we will continue to provide superior products and deliver the highest level of service possible. Fox Manufacturing Inc. will continue to present to you the latest technology and promote innovative products and service that are both beneficial and competitive in our market. We will train your staff in all areas of product use of our products and equipment to the fullest potential. We will continue to train your employees, as well as our own, in the knowledge of safe handling of products, storing and disposing procedures of our products and containers to ensure a safe environment for us all.


Fox Manufacturing Inc. is a proud member of the International Sanitation Supply Association. This organization through its conventions and training aids keeps our industry on the cutting edge of technology. When new ideas come to the market, it is our responsibility to research those ideas and bring them to you, our customer, when it is a proven option.

ISSA is an international organization who strives to serve the health of the people in our industry. They strive to educate the public through training aids, literature and personal representation in the proper efficient cleaning and sanitation methods to provide that healthy environment.

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