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Power Pack Degreaser

An alkaline degreaser perfect for use in food service applications, industrial plants, automotive shops, food processors, municipalities and laundry rooms. Removes grease, grime, dirt, oily stains, and more from many surfaces. Use on floors, walls, oven hoods, exterior surfaces, vehicles, fabrics, machinery, equipment, and more. Can also be used as an effective laundry spotter. Apply to surfaces with sponge, mop, spray bottle, or pour onto floors. Heavy soil areas may require a clear water rinse.


An excellent citrus general purpose cleaner that can be used on most non-porous surfaces. Quickly and effectively dissolves greasy, oily soils from floors, walls, tile, ceilings, doors, equipment and bathroom areas. Can also be used in automatic floor scrubbers. Mildly alkaline.

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