For over 40 years Fox Manufacturing Inc. has served Michigan with chemical products for the hospitality industry. In the last 5 years our business has more than doubled. Dish machine needs? No Problem. Laundry Needs? No Problem. Housekeeping needs? No problem.

Why are more and more people turning to Fox? Fox service program is second to none. Fox has repair parts for almost any dish machine imaginable. Our service technicians have over an average of 18 years each in the ware washing industry. They have attended training programs offered by dish machine manufactures and know what it takes to obtain excellent results in your dish machine. Fox has technician have the “know how” in obtaining the best results at the lowest possible cost. Remember your customers don’t complain about dirty dishes…. they just don’t come back.

Service has always been and always will be the back bone of Fox Manufacturing Inc. We are available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. We pride ourselves in prompt response and in over 40 years we have had no customers completely down that we did not get back up and running on the same day when needed.

As a customer of Fox, we repair any dish machine for the cost of parts only. Why rent when owning is so much more economical. We do have a complete line in dish machines with We can sell, rent or lease to own any of your equipment needs. If you don’t have an energy efficient dish machine, let us show you how to obtain one and pay for it with the saving.

Our guarantee cost savings program is right for you. We rent, sell and lease to own dish machines both new and used. Call us at 313 990-2390 and we will be glad to schedule an appointment with you with one of our sales representatives to bring your chemical program into the 21st century.


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